A Little Bit About Kevin Adams
Like many other photographers, serendipity played the chief role in my photography inauguration. I received my first camera as a birthday present in the mid 1980s. It was the typical setup that you'd find at every K-Mart in the country: a Pentax K1000 with a basic zoom lens and a couple of worthless accessories. Since I give something everything I have or nothing at all, that camera was going to sit on a shelf and collect dust, or it was going to change my life. You can guess which one happened.
Landscape photographer Kevin Adams
Typical day at the "office" for Kevin Adams

I've always loved nature and the outdoors. As a kid, family vacations were always to the North Carolina mountains in search of waterfalls. During these trips, my mother and older brothers talked about writing a North Carolina waterfall book one day. My family never followed through with this plan, but after I made a few mountain trips with my new camera, I decided that I would write the book that we had talked about. But first, I had to learn how to take pictures. Early on, I signed up for a photography course at a local community college, but after a few classes I realized that the best way to learn nature photography (or any kind of photography) was to get out and photograph.

I started teaching nature photography seminars in the early 1990s, and soon afterward began leading photo tours to the North Carolina mountains to photograph waterfalls. I continue to enjoy teaching others how to photograph through photo tours, nature photography workshops, and seminars. In addition to nature photography instruction and stock photography, I also work in the advertising and commercial photography market.

Among my greatest satisfactions is producing nature and photography books. In 1994 I wrote the North Carolina Waterfalls book my family had always talked about. Two years later I wrote Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians with coauthor Marty Casstevens. Then I took a break from books for a few years to concentrate on building my stock photography files. In 2002 I published Waterfalls of Virginia and West Virginia and the following year Hiking Great Smoky Mountains National Park. North Carolina's Best Wildflower Hikes came out in spring of 2004, and Our North Carolina in 2005. Also in 2005 came the long-awaited revision to my North Carolina Waterfalls book, which added some 400 waterfalls to the original version. In 2007 my rephotography book North Carolina Then & Now was published. My latest book, Backroads of North Carolina was published in spring of 2009.

Aspiring photographers often ask me how to break into the photo business. The best advice I can offer is to concentrate on one region and shoot what you love. From a photography marketing standpoint, I think it's much better to have high-quality, in-depth coverage of a small region, than it is to have mediocre coverage of a large area. As for shooting what you love, why get into photography in the first place if you're not going to enjoy what you shoot?

Travel photographer Kevin Adams
Kevin's "animal magnetism" on display
Taking a dose of my own medicine, I decided long ago to specialize in my home state of North Carolina and shoot the subjects I love. Of course, to remain in business I often accept assignments and projects from a purely economical standpoint. And I like to travel as much as anyone; I'm proud of my collection of images from locations around the world. But more often than not, you're likely to find me following my passion through the blackwater swamps, sand flats, old-growth forests, and Appalachian mountain trails of the Tarheel State.