Commercial & Editorial Photography Assignments

Looking for a unique perspective in your commercial and advertising photographs? Want imagery that conveys the creative style of a unique and talented photographer, while at the same time communicating your vision? Want distinctive imagery that separates you from the competition? Would you like to work with someone who can REALLY think out of the box?

I'm going to give it to you straight. If you need a photographer to shoot static studio product shots for a catalog, I'm probably not your best person. I rarely work in a studio environment. I don't use tractor-trailer loads of lighting equipment or teams of makeup artists. Of course, managing an environment to create the best conditions for a photo is expected of any commercial photographer, and I do whatever is necessary to get the shot. But I specialize in photographing REAL scenes, events, and people. I create images that evoke a sense of the natural conditions applicable to the subject, whether that is a manufacturing facility, a restaurant, an interstate highway, a backyard, or a national park.

Making exceptional photographs in environments ranging from swamps to steel yards requires more than just creative vision and an intimate knowledge of cameras. When you hire me, you get more than an artist and a photographer. You get someone who knows how to work with people; who is just as comfortable in a climbing harness as a bucket seat; who isn't afraid to take the door off an airplane to get the shot; and someone who has no concept of the typical nine-to-five workday. You also get someone who knows Photoshop and who can process the RAW file, performing any digital image manipulation required. So, when you hire me, you get someone who can visualize the ideal shot, execute the stages necessary to make it happen, and deliver a photograph optimized for you.

You'll also get someone who's going to be honest with you from the outset. Good photography is a blend of art and science, not magic. Yes, I can do a lot that might seem like magic to some, but some requests are simply unrealistic. If I don't think it's possible to give you exactly what you want, I'll tell you up front, before spending your money.

Hiring me for a commercial photography assignment can work in a number of ways. I can work on a day-rate basis, job basis, individual shot basis, or we can work out a special arrangement for your particular job. Contact me for pricing and other details.

Assignments For Non-profit Organizations

Environmental organizations, land trusts, public resource agencies, and similar groups often have the need for quality imagery of properties and operations, but they don't have the same resources as that of a commercial enterprise. I sometimes offer reduced rates for groups such as this. Occasionally, the assignment provides enough incentive for me to lower the rate substantially, or in some cases even to accept the job without fee. Exclusive access to special properties is one possible example. If you work for a non-profit environmental or land conservation organization, talk to me about your photo needs.