Website & Image Copyright Information

See that copyright notice at the bottom of every page on this site? What that means is that EVERYTHING on this site is protected by copyright laws and you don't have the right to do ANYTHING with it without my permission. So if you have any ideas about downloading a photo or copying text, I'm afraid I'll have to send the copyright police after you. How will I know? There are many tools available to find stolen content on the Internet and I use them regularly. What if you use the image for something outside the Internet? A photo friend of mine told me the story of how another photographer happened to be eating in this little cantina in a foreign country. The restaurant had photos hanging on the walls and the person noticed that one of the photos was a picture his friend had taken. Well, his friend had not authorized its use and the owners of the joint were busted. So the lesson is, don't steal my photographs because I have friends all over the world.

Now, with all that scary stuff said (I did scare you, didn't I?), I understand that there are some situations in which it is acceptable for someone to use information from this site without paying for it. All of these situations are listed below.

  • Photo editors may download the low-resolution thumbnails for use in comps, if such comps are destroyed once the project is completed. Also, potential buyers may email prospective photos to me. The best method for this is by using the lightbox feature of the gallery pages.
  • Elementary and high school students may download images and quote sections of text for use in their teacher-assigned projects. The finished projects must be in printed form only and must reference me. I do not allow material to be placed in electronic form. Also, students MUST email me and describe the project before downloading any material. College students should discuss their projects with me beforehand.
  • Photographers and nature enthusiasts are welcome to print material from the site or download pages to electronic devices for personal reference use, as long as the entire page is printed or stored.
  • Scarlet Johansson is welcome to download all the photos of me for use as wallpaper in her bedroom.