Natural History Articles & Essays

Amphibians In Love
The mating rituals of frogs, toads, and salamanders in early spring.

The natural and cultural history of the baldcypress tree in North Carolina.

Cellulose Carnivores
North Carolina's carnivorous plants
Venus flytraps, sundews, bladderworts, butterworts, and pitcher plants.

Fraser Fir
A discussion of the Fraser fir tree and the environmental issues of the
high-elevation forests in the southern Appalachians

Frozen Wonders
Snow, ice, frost and other frozen weather phenomena that occurs in North Carolina.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
A short essay about the Smokies.

Beach Bums
The gulls (seagulls) of North Carolina.

Maritime Forests
The deciduous and evergreen maritime forests along the coast of North Carolina.

Monarch Butterflies
The life history of the monarch butterfly, including its migration to the overwintering grounds in Mexico.

Tarheel Treasures
A brief overview of North Carolina's historical, cultural, and natural amenities.

Send In The Salamanders
Salamanders in North Carolina.

Overwintering Birds
Geese, ducks, swans, and other birds that overwinter in North Carolina.

Tidal Sand Flats
A short essay about North Carolina's tidal sand flat natural community.

North Carolina's mollusks and seashells.

Spring Trees
The flowers and colorful foliage of North Carolina's trees in early spring.

Summer Light Show
Fireflies (lightning bugs) in North Carolina.

Summer Roadside Show
The summer showy wildflowers of North Carolina.