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Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Night Photography Tips–Turn Off Autofocus Before You Fire The Shutter

If your camera won’t fire and you’ve eliminated all the obvious reasons (did you turn on the camera?), the most likely culprit is that the camera is trying to autofocus and can’t do so in the darkness. If you use autofocus as I do instead of manually focusing, you must turn it off after you Read more... you know you want to.

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Night Photography Tips–Quick Access To Intervalometer & Other Gear

Wrap a piece of Velcro around one of your tripod legs and use it for attaching intervalometers, penlights (so you don’t accidentally bump the tripod in the dark), or any item that you need quick access to while working at the tripod. It’s best to attach the hook (rough) portion to the tripod and the Read more... you know you want to.

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Night Photography Tips–Focusing In The Dark

A good method for obtaining focus when shooting objects that are fairly close is to shine a flashlight on them so that either your eyes or the camera’s autofocus can see it. If that doesn’t work, a surefire method is to carry the flashlight to the subject (or any point at the same distance away) Read more... you know you want to.

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Photographing Tuesday Morning’s Total Lunar Eclipse

This Tuesday morning (April 15) is the first of four total lunar eclipses that will be visible in North America during 2014 and 2015. Considering that I’ve been clouded out of the past four, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to photograph at least one of them. Unfortunately, the forecast in my backyard isn’t looking Read more... you know you want to.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Asheville cityscape

My name is Kevin Adams and I’m having withdrawal. There, I admit it. It happens to me every year on April 2, which is the day after one of my favorite days of the year. Not that I need the excuse of April Fool’s Day to pull pranks, but it’s just a lot more fun Read more... you know you want to.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Please Read This! Night Photography Is In Jeopardy!

Folks, I am LIVID! I’m so mad that I’m going break one of my cardinal rules and bring politics into a blog post. But this isn’t any ordinary post. It‘s a call to arms. If you value your personal freedom and/or you enjoy night photography, you need to listen closely and take action. As many of Read more... you know you want to.

Monday, March 31st, 2014

April 2014 Night Photography Events Calendar

Each month I post a monthly night photography events calendar on the first day of the month. Events listed on this calendar are suitable for wide-field and moderate-telephoto astrophotography, as well as for general night photography. Unless otherwise stated, all events occur in the United States at mid-latitudes. Most of the events also occur at Read more... you know you want to.

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Using The Nikon MC-36A And Canon TC-80N3 Intervalometers

If I made a list of the most confusing things a night photographer faces, using an intervalometer would have to be near the top. It’s among the most frequent questions I’m asked and each time I tell the person that I’m planning to write an article to help clear it up. Been saying that for Read more... you know you want to.

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Inspiration From Outer Banks Night Photography Photo Tour

This past weekend I had the pleasure of guiding an enthusiastic group of night owls on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. They photographed lighthouses, piers, fishing boats, and a little burning steel wool. And even though the photo tour was for night photography—not birds—a few lucky participants managed to grab a few shots of the elusive Outer Read more... you know you want to.

Monday, March 24th, 2014

11 Ways To Become A Better Photographer

Icicles and Night Sky

11 Learn once. The best photographers don’t need to hear or read the same things repeatedly. They pay close attention the first time, go out and try it for themselves, and then apply whatever is appropriate for their photography. Then they move on to the next thing. 10 Share. Sure, we all keep some of our favorite locations Read more... you know you want to.