11 Quotes About Night Photography

I’ve often stated that I’m no fan of photographers (or anyone, for that matter) using quotes from others. Tell me what YOU have to say and I’ll listen. I can look up a quote from someone else just as good as you can.

Yes, the last time I talked about quotes here on the blog, I followed it with a collection of quotes from other photographers. Man, talk about being a hypocrite!

So this time I’m going to be legit. Following are 11 quotes from ME. I have a 12th one, but my wife says that I shouldn’t include it because not everyone shares my sense of humor. I know she’s right, but, boy, it’s a really good one and I hate to leave it out. If you run into me in the field, I might share it with you. Figure I can run away from one person at a time if needed.

11    Night photographers do it in the dark.

10    Night photography is unique in that the photos look nothing like what we see with our eyes—a result of long shutter speeds, high ISOs, big apertures, and subjects that are often on the move. A good night photographer understands all this and knows what the image will look like before shooting.

Which leads to:

9     Night photographers don’t go out at night in search of photos. They go out to capture the image already in their mind.

8     It’s a cruel fact of nature that the best time to photograph many night subjects is also the best time to drink wine.

Which leads to:

7     Photography and alcohol don’t mix, unless you’re talking about red wine at twilight.

6     Photographers start with a blank canvas, just like painters. The difference with night photographers is that their canvas is black.

5     Make “Lighten Blend Mode” your friend.

4     Go ahead, make my day. Show me ONE more photo on your phone while I’m trying to eat.

Yeah, I know. That last one isn’t about night photography. But I swear, the next person who shoves their phone in my face when I’m trying to eat…

3     I can point my cell phone at the sky and read the names of the stars, but I can’t shoot a shutter speed longer than 30 seconds without going to bulb. Shame on you, Nikon!

2     Night photographers aren’t the only ones who have problems in the field, but at least everyone else can see their camera when they shoot.

And finally, the most important thing a night photographer needs to know:

1     It ain’t over till the sun comes up.


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