A Map and a Promise

Hmm, let’s see if I can figure out my way around this blog after neglecting it for two months. 

It was never supposed to be this way. I was supposed to hit the ground running with everything–blog, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, carrier pigeon, and that string with cans on each end stretched between my bedroom window and my neighbor’s window. But truth is, my fire wasn’t big enough to keep all the irons hot, so I had to take care of the warmest ones first. 

Which brings up the “Promise” part of this entry. I’ve now finished sculpting a number of irons and even figured out a way to make my fire bigger (ain’t gasoline a wonderful thing?), so I’m ready to address this blog as it was originally intended. As they say (and have you ever wondered just who “they” are?), actions speak louder than words, so all I’ll say for now is Stay Tuned. 

(Excuse me for a minute, my bedroom can is ringing.)

Oaky, I’m back. Now the “Map” part. Finally, my long-awaited Waterfalls of North Carolina Map is finsihed and will be ready for me to ship next week. And to go with it I have added a Shopping Cart feature to my site so you can order maps and books directly from me. Check out the map here: http://www.kadamsphoto.com/photography_books_maps_gear/waterfalls_north_carolina_map.htm

Waterfalls of North Carolina Map cover

Oops, my fire is dwindling. Got to go throw some gas on it. See ya.

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  1. TomDills Says:

    So, who’s going to take the photographs while you’re doing all those things?

    Congrats on the map – looking forward to my copy! And more blog posts….

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