A Sad Day For Comet Lovers & Cheeseheads

The most hyped comet of all time is now the most disappointing comet of all time. Comet ISON did not survive its close encounter with the Sun a few hours ago. It appears that about all remaining from the ISON saga are a lot of disappointed people.

Late this afternoon, reports starting coming in that ISON had totally disintegrated on its approach to the Sun. Those reports appear to have been premature, as something has emerged from the other side of the Sun. However, it is nearly certain that whatever is left won’t be bright enough to dazzle us, if it’s even visible at all.

Check out Sky & Telescope and SpaceWeather.com if you care to wallow in the misery.

ISON will likely be entered into the history books as the biggest comet dud of all time. It’s a sad day. Unless you’re a Lions fan.

Sorry, Cheeseheads.

Update on 11/29/2013: SpaceWeather.com just reported that the fragment(s) left over may not be so small and faint after all. Stay tuned…


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