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Grove Park Inn Spa

Waterfall at the Grove Park Inn Spa in Asheville, NC. This is an old film shot, probably taken with the Nikon F5 and 100 speed film. Have no clue what aperture or shutter speed I used.

One of the things I like most about writing and photographing books is that it forces enables me to learn new things and to photograph things that I normally wouldn’t. I remember the first time I saw a photo of the Grove Park Inn Spa in Asheville, I thought it was a pretty cool place. But if I hadn’t been working on Our North Carolina at the time, I never would have followed up on it.

Another good think about books is that they sometimes open doors that normally remain shut. Most businesses will jump at a chance for free publicity, and the spa was no exception. The manager was very accommodating, allowing me to bring in models and photograph at night after normal business hours.

So here I was, in an upscale luxury spa, late at night, with three beautiful women wearing swimsuits, and no one else anywhere around. You know, it’s a rough life we photographers have sometimes.

By the way, the most beautiful of the three ladies happened to be my wife, Patricia. She’s the one in the middle wearing the black swimsuit.

Given the setting and the company, and the fact that I was shooting film (no LCD to preview the shots), it’s a wonder I got anything worth publishing. But then you could say the same thing for a lot of the situations I get myself into!

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