Comet ISON No-Show

After several days of clouds, we finally had a clear, though very cold, morning. I was hoping for a glimpse of Comet ISON in the early twilight. Mercury and Saturn shone brightly, but the comet was a no-show through 8x binoculars.

Those of you lucky enough to view in very dark skies under perfectly clear conditions might be able to spot it tomorrow (November 25) and Tuesday morning. Look for it low on the horizon, below Mercury and Saturn, in the east-southeast sky. Tomorrow, ISON rises 54 minutes before the sun and on Tuesday 39 minutes earlier. Don’t expect to see it either morning, though, especially Tuesday.

Comet ISON will not be visible on Wednesday. On Thursday, it reaches perihelion, it’s closest approach to the sun. You won’t be able to see ISON on Thursday, nor the following morning on Friday. Assuming ISON does not disintegrate when it reaches perihelion, it will rise earlier each morning beginning on Saturday, November 30. Beginning about December 5, it rises in a dark sky before twilight begins.

Let’s all hope it is bright enough to view and photograph.

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