Fall Color Stuff

This has not been a typical October for me. I usually spent most of the month in the NC mountains chasing fall color. But this year I’ve had some other projects keeping me busy in the first half of the month. I did make it up last week and enjoyed good shooting on a couple of days. The weather was the foggy rainy kind of situation that I love for photographing waterfalls and streams. And this week I’m heading back up to lead my annual October Waterfalls Photo Tour. The color should be peaking in the Highlands region where we are based. I’ll try to get some photos posted when I get back.

If you’re planning to photograph in the NC mountains this fall, you’ll find the best color below 4000 feet. The higher elevations along the Blue Ridge Parkway and elsewhere are past peak. As always seems to be the case, the best color is in scattered pockets. The color may be dull on one side of a ridge, but vibrant on the other. The key to finding the best color is simply spending a lot of time driving around looking.

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