Follow-Up on the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens

After my last post about the Nikon 14-24, photographer Wick Smith emailed to remind me that Canon shooters aren’t left totally in the dark. I knew some people were using an adapter so they could use this lens on their Canon bodies, but I had forgotten about until I got Wick’s message. Thanks Wick!

Here’s Wick’s note.     

“Good post on the Nikkor 14-24.  Don’t forget that they work well with Canon bodies too.  I bought one mostly for night photography late last year and love it on my 5DII.  I bought an adapter that allows it to mount.  I manually focus anyway, so that’s not an issue.  The only adjustment I’ve had to make is with the aperture setting.  You have to manually position a lever that moves the blades in and out, so you don’t know exactly what the opening is.  Doing it by feel, you know open is 2.8 & closed is 22, so you’re somewhat guessing but it has worked well given the depth of field for this lens.  I focus with the aperture wide open, then stop down after getting proper focus.”

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