Getting Fired Up For Foto Fest Attendees

As a photographer and outdoors person who is more comfortable being uncomfortable, I’ve found myself in some interesting  situations over the years and, when required, I’ve  signed my life away on liability releases. It’s old hat. Sign your name and hope that you didn’t give away your camera gear in the fine print that you never read.

If you attended the Thursday evening photo outing for the 3rd Annual Western North Carolina Foto Fest last September, you saw me paddle a boat to the middle of Lake Susan and do some steel-wool light painting for everyone to photograph. It was a huge hit and we’ve planned an even bigger and better light show for the 4th Foto Fest this year.

Steel wool light painting

Joye Ardyn Durham shot this photo during the 3rd Annual Western North Carolina Foto Fest.

Joye Ardyn Durham shot the accompanying photo during last year’s event. Joye won the Best of Show in the Foto Fest photo contest last year. She owns Gingko Tree Gallery in nearby Black Mountain, and has been a terrific supporter of Foto Fest. 

Of course, I had to get special permission to do this and I had to sign a liability release. But last year, the folks at the conference center had a hard time grasping what I was proposing and the release they give me to sign was pretty generic. Not so this year! After witnessing the event firsthand, they decided to change the wording of the release to more accurately reflect the activity. I got a kick out of it and thought I’d share the specific-wording part with you.

Montreat Conference Center liability release

Some of the wording in the liability release I had to sign for Western North Carolina Foto Fest.

If you’d like to join us for the 4th Annual Foto Fest, the Thursday evening  “fire-twirling” is free to all attendees, as are all the other photo outings. Hope you can join us. Oh, and this year, I plan on tying down the paddle boat  when I’m finished, rather than watching helplessly as it floats away. You know, I’m surprised there wasn’t some choice wording about THAT in the release!


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