Go With The Flow When Light Painting

If the siding on your house were vertical, would you paint it using horizontal strokes? No, of course not. You would follow the flow of whatever you were painting, or else you’d end up with a blotchy mess. It works the same with light painting when using a flashlight. Think of your flashlight as a paint brush and paint your subject with strokes just as you would with the brush. And just as you wouldn’t pile a glob of paint in one spot on your house, you don’t want to linger in one spot with the flashlight. Use smooth, even strokes.

I do know that some light painters prefer splotchy lighting. The splotchy effect does not appeal to me, but I would never suggest that my way is the “right” way and that applies to everything I talk about. If you like splotches, have at it. Just don’t paint anyone else’s house that way!

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