June 2015 Night Photography Events Calendar

Each month I post a monthly night photography events calendar on the first day of the month. Events listed on this calendar are suitable for wide-field and moderate-telephoto astrophotography, as well as for general night photography. Unless otherwise stated, all events occur in the United States at mid-latitudes. Most of the events also occur at other locations, although some of them may require correction for latitude and longitude.

The position of the Moon relative to the planets and stars changes throughout the night. Generally, when a position is given, it is for the period about 45 minutes after sunset or 45 minutes before sunrise. Do not confuse the times of the Moon phases for the times of Moonrise and Moonset. Consult local charts for rise and set times.

For me, June is not an ideal month for night photography. For one thing, the nights are very short. Indeed, the shortest nights of the year occur around the summer solstice of June 21. And the nights are warm, which increases the problem of noise. Although July and August also share these drawbacks, during those months at least the summer Milky Way shines higher and brighter all night long. Also, July has fireworks and August has the Perseids.

With that said, June has its rewards. A big advantage for many people is that the nights are plenty warm enough to be comfortable, so you don’t have to lug a lot of extra clothing. For me, one of the most exciting night photography events of the year occurs during June: Fireflies! I know it might be hard for some to get excited about a flashing beetle. And some of you live in regions where they don’t even exist. But there aren’t many things in the dark that get my juices flowing much more than lightning bugs, as we call them in the South. Also, the Milky Way makes a great subject in June, even if it might be a smidge better in July and August.

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