Luck Favors the Bathroom Call!

Anyone who’s seen me give a talk knows that my favorite saying is “Luck favors the prepared mind” by Louis Pasteur.

How true it is!

But I’ll be the first to admit that some of the finest images I’ve ever seen were the result of pure luck, with no preparation at all. A fair number of those images were made by photographers who got up in the middle of the night while camping to answer Mother Nature’s call. Some photographers are lucky enough to actually live at a good location for night photography, so every time they get up during the night there is potential for a photograph.

Moonlit clouds over Black Mountain, North Carolina
Moonlit clouds over Black Mountain, North Carolina. Photo by Matthew Kraus.

One such lucky person is Matt Kraus, who lives high above the town of Black Mountain in western North Carolina. Matt got up one night a few weeks ago to talk to Mother Nature and happened to look out the window at an amazing scene. The half-full moon was illuminating the clouds in conjunction with the lights from the town. Matt says this is a single exposure of about a minute at ISO 100. Focal length is 29mm. The exact time the shutter fired was 4:20am. (For those of you who know the significance of this time, I’m sure this is pure coincidence!) 

I’m really happy for Matt, but I have to admit I’m a little perturbed at the same time. With all my planning and preparation I haven’t come up with anything like this. Maybe I need to drink more water so I’ll have to get up more often during the night!

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