Night Photography Tips–Night Photo Vests

Some photographers love photo vests and wear them all the time. I have a friend who even wears his to dinner! Others wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one. Admittedly, a photo vest isn’t going to get you on any “best-dressed” lists, not to mention that wearing one is the same as attaching a sign to your back that says, “I’m a geek and I’m carrying around a lot of expensive stuff.”

But if you’re part of the “no way in hell” group, I urge you to reconsider when you’re doing night photography. A vest provides a place to put your flashlights, flashes, gel filters, extra batteries, and all that other stuff that night photographers need to keep handy and would otherwise lose in the dark. Being able to find what you need is a small price to pay for looking like a geek. And let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you probably are a geek!

Night Photography Tips is a nightly feature in which I give a quick tip for night photographers. It’s a way to share all the little things I do and think about in my night shooting, without boring you with my usual wordiness. If you have a tip you’d like to share, please email it to me and I might include it here, along with a link to your blog or website.


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