Night Photography Tips–Rise And Set Times For The Sun And Moon

So you have a gazillion apps in your smart phone to tell you when and where the sun and moon are going to rise and set, along with a boatload of other information, most of which you’ll never use. You’re all set, right? Perhaps, but I think there is still a lot of benefit in having a printed chart.

I print monthly charts from for the regions I photograph in regularly. There is a huge benefit of having a month’s worth of data visible all at once. In particular, it makes it easy to see the nightly progression of the moon, which is very helpful in choosing the best nights to go out and shoot.

I find phone apps to be helpful mostly for traveling, when I don’t want to print out a chart for every place I’m going to be visiting. But for shooting on my home turf, give me ink and paper.

Night Photography Tips is a nightly feature in which I give a quick tip for night photographers. It’s a way to share all the little things I do and think about in my night shooting, without boring you with my usual wordiness. If you have a tip you’d like to share, please email it to me and I might include it here, along with a link to your blog or website.

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