Nightly Night Photo – A Perfect Twilight Sky

Among the finest twilight skies I’ve ever witnessed occurred during a trip I made to North Carolina’s Outer Banks over 20 years ago.

Twilight at lighthouse on the Outer Banks

Bodie Island Lighthouse at twilight. Can't remember anything about the gear or settings used. (Hey, it was over 20 years ago!)

I’ve never seen the sky look so vibrant at Bodie Island Lighthouse. I might have, if I had shot there all the times I wanted to over the past few years. Unfortunately, the lighthouse has been in various stages of repair. I think the scaffolding is removed at present, but the light is still not operational.

I’m afraid it goes against everything I stand for as a night photographer (or any kind of photographer, for that matter) to photograph a lighthouse at night and not capture the lighted beacon. 

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