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For the January 5 night photo, I talked about shooting isolations after twilight ends because the contrast issues aren’t as great. The smaller the field of view, the more likely you are to find a subject that is evenly illuminated.

One of my favorite things to look for when walking around a city at night is windows. I look through windows to see if there’s anything interesting going on inside, and I especially look at the window design and how the interior lighting affects it. Windows that have curtains or translucent glass are particularly good candidates because the light is diffused and more even.

Door to Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy.

Window on door to Harry's Bar in Venice. Nikon D700, Nikon 70-300 lens, f/11, 1 second, ISO 200.

I also talked about the issues of not having time to drink wine because there are so many night-photography possibilities in a city. Well, today’s photo solves this problem beautifully, even better than a cup holder mounted to a tripod leg. Simply photograph windows in a bar! Have a drink, step outside, take a photo. Rinse and repeat!

Actually, I have to admit that I haven’t even stepped inside Harry’s. Something about paying twice as much for a glass of wine than I’m used to paying for a bottle just rubs me wrong.

But that cup holder sure gets a good workout!

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