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When you’re as passionate about night photography as I am, you look for ways to incorporate night shooting into everything you do. Back in October, some close friends of mine were married and I had the misery honor of photographing their wedding.

Night wedding photo

Nikon D800, 14-24 lens, f/2.8, 15 sec, ISO 1600

When you shoot a wedding, the only thing that matters is giving the couple what they want. You don’t go in with any agenda other than making them happy with their photos. Period. (Okay, the most important thing is making the bride’s MOTHER happy, but that’s another story.) But in this case, I was fortunate that Lindsay and PJ gave me wide latitude in creating images for them.

On the night before the wedding, I walked all over the venue grounds looking for possible night shots. A big oak tree grows prominently on the grounds beside the reception tent, but with the front lighting from the landscape lights, it didn’t look very appealing. However, when I walked around to the backside, the backlighting jumped out at me. I knew this would be a perfect opportunity for a silhouette.

I’m usually not a big fan of vertical perspective distortion unless it is used intentionally for a graphic effect. However, I felt that I this image needed to show as much of the tree as possible. I did shoot some tighter comps, but this one more effectively conveys the mood of the evening.

Night wedding photo with emboss filter applied

Emboss filter applied

With moody images like this, it’s fun to play with filters in post processing. I tried dozens of effects with all sorts of filters. One of my favorites was a slight emboss.

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