Nightly Night Photography Notes–Nikon D4

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Nikon has officially announced the D4, their new flagship camera, which will be available sometime in mid-February. I’m not going to make you suffer through all the specs and PR fluff that’s already saturating the Internet. Just search Nikon D4 and you’ll find more than you want to know. What I’m more interested in is accessing the camera for night photography, and from that perspective it appears that the D4 is going to be the best camera on the market, surpassing the current champion, the Nikon D3s. Trouble is, owning the best comes  at a price, in this case about $6,000! Whew, looks like I’ll have to hang on to my D700 a little longer.   

Nikon D4 Camera
Nikon D4

I’ll spend some more time learning about the D4 and get back to you shortly with a detailed assessment of the camera as a night photography tool.

Nightly Night Photography Notes is a nightly (almost) nutshell of photo news and tidbits for night photographers. If I’m not out in the wilds creating night images, I’ll do my best to keep you updated on what’s going on in the dark. I need your help, though. If you know about anything coming up that night photographers might like to know about, please let me know in an email and I’ll make a post about it. Please note that I live in western North Carolina, USA, so unless indicated otherwise, all discussions that are location and time specific are based on latitude 35 degrees north and Eastern Time Zone, which is -5 hours from UTC time (-4 hours during daylight saving time).  

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