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As some of you know, I am presently working on a complete revision to my North Carolina Waterfalls book. The new edition will contain some 800 waterfalls and will have color photos throughout. (What a concept—color photos!)

The new book won’t be out until fall of next year, but in the meantime, I am sharing my waterfalling adventures on the brand new North Carolina Waterfalls Facebook page.

I know most of you reading this aren’t from North Carolina and the FB page isn’t about only night photography, but there are still some things there you might be interested in. I’ve been spending a lot of nights at waterfalls, using all sorts of techniques to photograph them and I’ll be sharing some of the photos on the page.

I invite you to check it out, like it if you are so inclined, and join in the discussion.

Light painting at waterfall

I stacked multiple exposures to create this image. One shot for the sky, a couple of shots for the light streaks, where I walked along the trail shining a flashlight into the camera, and a couple of shots for the light painting on the waterfall, using a blue gel filter.


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