Photo for Tonight – Winter Twilight

The southern Appalachians may be in store for a decent snowfall later this evening. Some folks might wish for a return to the 70-degree temps that we had this past weekend, but not me. I want snow! And ice! And everything else that goes with nasty winter weather!

The forecast is also calling for clear skies in the morning, which means there is great potential for a terrific sunrise shoot. Nothing like shooting the colors of the twilight sky reflected on fresh snowfall. Ah!

Twilight on winter landscape in the southern Appalachian Mountains

Winter twilight on Max Patch Mountain in the southern Appalachians. Nikon F5, Nikon 17-35mm lens, f/8, 2-stop graduated neutral density filter.

Here’s an old film shot I made on a morning just like what I’m hoping for tomorrow. It’s a single exposure, shot a good 30 to 40 minutes before sunrise. I used a 2-stop graduated neutral density filter to help even the exposure between sky and foreground, but without the snow, the foreground would be way too dark for anything to show up even with using the filter.

Looks like tomorrow morning might be similar in another way to this shot. I just about froze my butt off during the hour or so I stood still on top of the mountain that morning. The forecast for tonight is temps in the 20s and gusty winds.

Bring it on!

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