Photographing in Waterfall Spray

Here’s another snippet from the upcoming waterfall photography video. After nearly 30 years of shooting waterfalls, I’ve had my share of drenched lenses and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to devise a system to prevent it from happening. Some of the ideas worked well to keep the spray off the lens and allow me to compose and get the exposure set, but no matter what you use, you still have to remove it to make the shot unless you’re going after an abstract effect. And when you remove the device, spray then hits the lens during the exposure and you have to clean it off before you can continue. So I figured the best thing to do is just not worry about it and let the spray do its thing while I’m setting up and then wipe it off just before the exposure.

BTW, I’m only taking about spray that hits the front element of the lens. While I’ve never had any trouble from letting the entire camera get drenched, I wouldn’t recommend allowing it to do so if you can help it. Cover it with a plastic bag or something that has a hole cut out for the lens to poke through. Or, if it is the abstract effect you’re after, shoot through the plastic!

Suzan Brand and I will be unveiling the video at next week’s CNPA meeting in Myrtle Beach. After that, it will be available from my online store.

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