Pic of the Night – Another Light-Painted Waterfall

To create this photo, I used nearly the same technique as with the waterfall in Wednesday’s post. See, this is starting to sound pretty easy, huh? This is 35 exposures for the star trails at f/4, 4 minutes, ISO 400 and one exposure for the light painting on the waterfall at f/4, 88 seconds, ISO 1600.

Frozen waterfall and star trails

Ice-covered waterfall and star trails. Nikon D700, Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens, 36 total exposures stacked in Photoshop.

I could have done the light painting during one of the 4-minute star-trail shots, but when I have a situation like this where there is a defined black line between the light painted msubject and the sky, I like to do the painting in a separate exposure because it gives me more flexibility. I can try out different ISOs and shutter speeds, and vary the light strokes. Because of the black delineation between the falls and the sky, the shots will stack perfectly with the star trails using Lighten blend mode.

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