Taking Night Photography Seriously

Listen up, folks. Photography is a serious pursuit that you should always approach in a formal manner. With night photography, especially, there is no room for whimsy.

Okay, if there’s anybody reading this who agrees with that statement, I need you to do me a favor. First, put down your camera. Second, go see if you can find a sense of humor somewhere.

Seriously, there is only one thing I can think of about night photography that is worth taking seriously and that is the sad fact that the best time to shoot many night subjects—twilight—is also the best time to drink red wine. I wrote about this in some detail in this blog post. Now, I’m going to reveal my new secret for dealing with this little cruelty of nature.

First, though, I want to show you a cool new wine label. As I mentioned in that previous post, I can be shallow at times. While I wouldn’t pick a sports team simply because I like their uniforms, I’m perfectly comfortable with the hypocrisy of choosing wine based on the label. In fact, you might say that I’m on a world quest to discover all the cool wine labels I can.

Red wine

The Big Bad Red Blend

For me, a perfect wine bottle must meet two very important—one might say SERIOUS— requirements. First, it must contain red wine. Second, it must have a label that represents something about the night and reminds me about night photography. When those two requirements are met, I have a bottle that embodies two of my three favorite things to do after dark.

Recently, my stepdaughter gave me a new wine that fits the criteria beautifully. It’s called Once Upon A Vine. Their red blend is called “The Big Bad Red Blend” and the label shows a forest silhouetted against a mysterious starry night with a crescent moon. A big bad wolf is peeking out from behind one of the trees. Pretty cool! And how’s the wine? Not bad, actually. It does the label justice.

Now, let’s talk about how I deal with the cruelty of the best time to drink the Big Bad Red Blend also being during evening twilight, right when I want to be out shooting nightscapes. They call me the MacGyver of photography, so I thought I might as well try to live up to the reputation.

Introducing the Digital After Dark® Cruelty Of Nature Squashing Device.

Wine Glass Holder For Tripod

The Digital After Dark Cruelty Of Nature Squashing Device

I’ve spent a lot of time with the design research for this new product and I’m now ready to begin serious testing. But since I’m just a small-timer, I need a partner to help bring this new product to market. Requirement for partnership is simple: Supply me with enough material to properly field test the Cruelty Of Nature Squashing Device. Sixty or seventy cases should be adequate. The ideal partner would be a wine producer, just to help ensure there would be no interruption in the flow of testing material, but I’d be willing to consider other avenues.

Back to seriousness. Why do we do what we do? Anybody do it because it makes you cry? Because it makes you feel disconnected from the things in live that bring you joy? Because someone is forcing you to? No, of course not. You do it precisely because it DOES bring you joy, even if you depend solely on photography for your income, as I do. (Believe me, if the only thing I cared about were money, I sure as heck wouldn’t be a photographer!)

So here’s my advice: Lighten up! Have fun! Laugh! And when you’re out shooting twilight, enjoy a nice glass of red if you’re so inclined.

You wanted to know the third thing I enjoy doing after dark? You can’t figure that out for yourself?

Are you serious?

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