Tonight’s After Dark Photo – Battleship USS North Carolina Memorial

A few weeks ago I showed some pics of an old tugboat on the Cape Fear River that has just about rotted away. Well, I’m happy to say that there is one boat in Wilmington that you can count on being there when you arrive, regardless of when that may be. The Battleship USS North Carolina lives only a few hundred yards upstream from the old tug.

USS North Carolina Battleship

USS North Carolina Battleship in Wilmington, NC. Nikon F5, Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens, f/16ish, 4ish seconds, Fujichrome Velvia film.

If you like things like this, you’ll LOVE visiting the USS North Carolina. Even if battleships aren’t your thing, I suspect you’ll find some exciting photo ops both above and below decks. Unfortunately, onboard visiting hours don’t allow for night photography, but if you don’t mind wading knee-deep through swamp muck in the dark, you can get an exterior shot  in twilight.

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  1. Skip P Says:

    Excellent! I know what it took to get this shot…not easy in broad daylight, let alone in low light.

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