Want Everyone To Know You Like To Do It In The Dark?

I ask for your indulgence for a few minutes of shameless promotion.

Digital After Dark T-Shirt

My lovely wife, Patricia, showing off the Digital After Dark T-Shirt. Have to say, I sure am glad Patricia likes to do it in the dark!

I’m happy to announce that I finally have added my Digital After Dark® T-Shirts to the online store. They’ve been available for several months now, but the only people who’ve had a chance to snag one have been photo tour and workshop attendees. Among these folks, the shirts have been quite a hit.

And why wouldn’t they be? After all, what better way to let everyone know that you like to do it in the dark than to wear a shirt that broadcasts it for you? The general public seems to like them, too. I even had one guy in a convenience store ask if he could take a picture of the back of my shirt!

Okay, my unabashed blog post is officially over. I appreciate your indulgence.


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