Welcome to the Dark Side!

First things first. If you don’t know me, it might take a little while to become accustomed to my style. Just know that what you see is what you get. I write the way I talk and I say what I think. If I recommend a technique or a product, it’s because I believe in it, not because I‘m trying to sell you something. And I believe that if you can’t have a little fun along way, what’s the point? So you can expect a healthy dose of dry humor, sarcasm, and silly puns.

Well, I can’t promise that it will all be healthy. It just depends on my mood and on how many glasses of red wine I’ve had.

There is something almost magical about night photography. It provides the opportunity to do what all photographers strive for: Be unique and create images that have a “wow” factor. But you can’t just wander around at night and hope to make great images consistently.

The best night photos are planned and prepared for. As Pasteur said, “Luck favors the prepared mind.” That’s where the Digital After Dark® site comes in. I want to “prepare your mind.” I photograph in the daytime as well as the night, so the content here is not solely night related. However, the primary focus is sharing my night photography adventures and helping you make the best night photos you possibly can.

Everyone has a different idea of just what qualifies as a night photo. Here’s my definition of night photography.

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There are a number of other items in the right column that might interest you. In particular, I’d love you to check out my online store. (It’s under “Pages,” near the top.) I offer several items for sale that are chosen specifically with night photography in mind. In fact, I designed some of these items myself, such as the GelGrip™ and LensMuff™. I use all of these products in my own photography, so you can be assured that this is good stuff.

I organize several annual photography events that may be of interest. The Digital After Dark® Night Photography Summit is a weekend filled with programs on aspects of night photography by some of the finest night photographers in the country. Wicked Wild Waterfall Photography Weekend is a weekend filled with waterfall field trips and programs about waterfalls and waterfall photography, including shooting them at night. Smoky Mountain Foto Fest (formerly Western NV Foto Fest) is a 4-day festival featuring photo shoots, workshops, programs, portfolio reviews and much more.

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Now, go out among the darkness. Just remember, it ain’t over till the sun comes up!

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