What Others Are Saying
(Believe it or not, I didn't make up any of this stuff.
Everyone really said these things!)

Presentation Attendees

"I so appreciated your wonderful presentation...I think you have a most entertaining style and are a natural for speaking and teaching.  Your photography is wonderfully beautiful. You creativity is charmingly magical.  You have a great presence about you in both your work and your presentation of your craft.  I truly appreciate your sharing all of your wealth of knowledge and experience...Your light and the light in your work are brilliant!" Mary Ann

"Just wanted to take a second to thank you again for your wonderful presentation on night photography. It just blew me away, and really opened my mind to the possibilities available at night. I told someone that evening, ‘you know you're winning when you get the gasp after taking everyone's breath away in a room full of jaded photographers.' Your work is special." Dave

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent presentation this past weekend...Your images were stunning and an inspiration." Charlie

"That was a fabulous presentation...I'm looking forward to heading out and trying the techniques you described." Wick

"Just wanted to say I REALLY enjoyed your presentation...I came away very inspired and can't wait to experiment and implement your...techniques." Bruce

"Kevin, I want to thank you again for your presentation...I've been involved in photography for 45 yrs and I've never seen a better presentation.  You are a great photographer and an entertaining and knowledgeable lecturer.  It was fun and informative and very well done." Bob

Photo Tour Participants

"First of all, I wanted to write to thank you again for the amazing experience of the weekend.  I learned so very much and will apply it each day in my photography. I simply cannot express how much I learned and enjoyed your teaching style. I was excited, yet apprehensive, going into the weekend due to my current skill level. I found that you worked so nicely to differentiate for all skill levels. I always felt very relaxed. The weekend, for me, was as magical as this morning's sunrise." Mary

"I have been meaning to write and thank you...Although among the shortest of my photo adventures, yours was probably the most fun. Your knowledge of the area, your sense of humor, and the quality of the people you attract made it a very special time for me. The laughter and camaraderie made it all the more enjoyable." Lanny

"Kevin is the best! He gave too much of himself. In summary, it was one hell of a workshop." Susan

"The excellent way in which you distributed your time equally among all participants and were always available was outstanding." Noland

Private Photo Instruction Students

"Thanks for your patience and assistance. I definitely got my money's worth and then some." Dennis

"Thanks Kevin! I must say I learned more in that first one-on-one session with you than from four months of internet research, purchasing and studying many photo books, and talking with other photographers. You were right, it was definitely worth the fee." Kathy

Book Readers

"I really can't say enough about how much I enjoy your work. The images, the candid nature of your writing, and your comprehensive and thorough directions." April

"In the most sincere form, you have exceptional vision and have done a superb job of putting your book together." Tom

"I write to express my gratitude for your work on North Carolina Waterfalls. I purchased a copy a couple of summers ago...and I have found it to be an invaluable source of information and reliable advice." Valerie