North Carolina Waterfalls

Waterfalls Notice

Welcome to the North Carolina waterfalls updates and information page! My goal is to keep you updated on the constant changes involving access to waterfalls of North Carolina, as well as to inform you of new waterfall discoveries and other information related to waterfalls.

You have two methods of finding the waterfalls on these pages. The hubs on the Waterfalls Hubs List page correspond to the regional hubs listed in my North Carolina Waterfalls book. Click a hub to see an alphabetical list of the waterfalls having updates within that region. The Waterfalls Index page contains the complete waterfall and creek index from the North Carolina Waterfalls book. Index entries with an asterisk * represent newly discovered waterfalls that are not included in the book. Clicking on a link from the index takes you directly to the same update page accessed through the Waterfalls Hubs page. Only those waterfalls with updates are linked.

Anyone interested in NC waterfalls should visit the web site of my friend Rich Stevenson at Using Rich’s site, this update page, the North Carolina Waterfalls book and the Waterfalls Of North Carolina Map, you’ll have the most detailed and up-to-date information available for the waterfalls in North Carolina.

I invite everyone to help me keep current with these updates. Please email me with as much detail about the waterfall as you can. I will edit your comments and list your name as contributor. Please note that I may choose to withhold information about new waterfall discoveries because of safety concerns, private property issues, environmental situations, and, depending on my mood, a selfish desire to keep the good ones to myself.

Please remember that risk is always a factor in backcountry travel, particularly when visiting waterfalls. Waterfalls can be dangerous, especially when weather is adverse or unpredictable, and when unforeseen events or conditions create a hazardous situation. In my book and on this website, I have done my best to provide accurate information about the waterfalls, as well as to alert you to some of the potential hazards. But it is ultimately your responsibility to learn the necessary skills for safe travel, and to exercise caution in potentially hazardous areas. I disclaim any liability for injury or other damage caused by any activity described on this website. Please visit the Staying Alive page for more information about this vitally important topic.