Affiliate Disclosure

Since the early 1990s, photographers have asked me for advice about photo gear and services. I’ve happily provided my recommendations by direct communication, email, in newsletters, and on my websites. In all cases, I’ve endorsed only those products or services that I’m familiar with and use myself, or otherwise believe to be good stuff. I have never, and will never, recommend something that I don’t believe in, regardless of what incentives I’m offered.

Until late 2018, I’ve provided these recommendations without receiving anything in return. My goal has always been to help others. However, the struggles of being the quintessential “starving artist” have taken their toll. It has become increasingly difficult for me to afford a glass of red wine with dinner. So, I’m now participating in certain affiliate programs, such as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as well as a few others.

As an affiliate, I receive a small commission on any sales generated from the links I provide. It doesn’t cost you anything. Just click the link–the same one I would have sent before becoming an affiliate–and make a purchase. You’ll get something I endorse, and I’ll get a small commission.

Wow, I’m able to make a little bit of money by doing the same thing I’ve been doing for decades. Whodathunk?

Where’s my wine glass?