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Digital After Dark LensMuff for keeping dew off your lens. $29.95
Digital After Dark LensMuff for keeping dew off your lens.

The ideal solution for preventing dew from forming on your camera lenses, spotting scopes, or telescopes!

If you photograph time lapses, star trails, or do any other type of photography that exposes your lens to the night air for more than a few minutes, you have to be careful about dew forming on the front element of the lens. In humid regions, it’s a huge problem, but even in the desert, the temperatures often drop to the dew point. Once dew starts to form, you can pretty much pack in in for the night.

The solution is to stop the dew from forming in the first place. You can buy special heat strips that attach to the lens, but they are expensive and require a continuous power source. Heat guns are another solution, but as with heat strips, they require a source of power and, more important, they require constant and careful use to keep the optics warm. Neither of these options is practical for most night photographers.

The LensMuff™ is designed to solve all these problems and more. It works by providing a fast and secure attachment for ordinary hand warmers to wrap around your lens. Hand warmers provide enough warmth to keep the temperature of the front element from dropping to the dew point, so dew won’t form in the first place.  

Features of the Digital After Dark® LensMuff™ 

  •          Very compact—size and weight of an empty billfold. (A little heavier with warmers inserted.)
  •          Attaches and removes in seconds.
  •          Perfectly secure on the lens.
  •          Guaranteed to last a lifetime.  
  •          Special design and materials hold the heat against the lens, limiting dissipation into to the air.
  •          Outer material made of tough weather-resistant pack cloth for optimal durability.
  •          Will not scratch or harm the lens in any manner.
  •          Accommodates one, two, or three hand warmers at a time.
  •          Any brand or type of standard-size chemical hand warmer packs will fit.
  •          Works equally well on spotting scopes, telescopes, and eyepieces.
  •          Design allows you to daisy chain them for use on large-diameter lenses.
  •          Full instructions included.
  •          Stylish design looks good on any lens. (A benefit if your lenses are vain!)
  •          Very reasonably priced.

 Note: All brands and types of standard hand warmer packs will work in the LensMuff™, but they are not included and must be purchased separately.

Telescope owners: The LensMuff™ works equally well for eyepieces and optical tubes. One LensMuff™ is all you need for the eyepiece, but you may need to daisy chain  2 or more together to wrap around the optical tube. The LensMuff™  is 12 inches long. Measure the circumference of your optical tube to see how many it will take to wrap the tube. You do not need to wrap the tube entirely, as a few inches of space between the LensMuffs™ won’t affect the performance. For instance, if your optical tube measures 30 inches in circumference, you would be fine in using only 2 LensMuffs™ with a 3-inch gap between them. The design allows up to a 4-inch gap between LensMuffs™,  while still being securely fastened together.

The Digital After Dark® LensMuff™ is terrific for shooting time lapses and star trails!

Click here to read an in-depth article about dew and the various methods for combatting it.



LensMuff attached to camera lens
LensMuff™ attached to camera lens

LensMuff folds flat for easy storage
LensMuff™ folds flat for easy packing
Outside and inside view of LensMuff
Outside and inside of the LensMuff™, showing pockets for inserting hand warmers on the inside

Total $29.95