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North Carolina Waterfalls Book (Not Quite Pristine Condition) $14.75
North Carolina Waterfalls Book (Not Quite Pristine Condition)

What a deal!

I have obtained a quantity of North Carolina Waterfalls books from the publisher at an incredibly low price and I am passing the savings to you.

These new books have been returned by distributors and resellers and marked as being in less than pristine condition. Some may have slightly worn corners or the cover may be scuffed a little. Most of them are in such good condition that you’ll have to look hard to find anything wrong with them. Some are pristine, with no marks at all. All are brand new and have never been used.

If you use this book as it was intended, you’ll get it scuffed up more on your first waterfall outing with it!

While they last, I’m selling these books for only $14.75! That’s less than half the original price!

All of these books are sold as is. You cannot return them because of damage. However, I think you’ll agree that the wear on them is insignificant. And for some of them, you’ll not see any wear at all.  

If you’d rather pay twice as much and get a guaranteed pristine copy, click this link

Completely revised Third Edition, published 2016

8 x 10 inches, softcover
460 pages
300 color photos
300 full waterfall profiles
Trailhead and waterfall GPS coordinates for each full profile
1,000 total waterfalls included

This is it! This is the book everyone talks about, the “bible” for North Carolina waterfalls.

The first two editions of North Carolina Waterfalls sold a combined 65,000 copies. With this new third edition, I’m raising the bar. The new book contains 300 color photos and detailed information for 300 waterfalls. It includes 1,000 waterfalls in total. Altogether, it covers 400 waterfalls not in the second edition. Readers will appreciate the comprehensive coverage, the concise driving and hiking directions, the helpful photography tips, and the emphasis on stewardship of natural resources.

North Carolina Waterfalls remains the definitive guide to its subject and a must-have for nature-loving natives and visitors.

Important note: All books are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I do not make money on shipping. The price you pay is the price I pay to USPS.  

The North Carolina Waterfalls book makes a perfect companion to the Waterfalls Of North Carolina Map. Together, they provide the most comprehensive information available for North Carolina's spectacular waterfalls.

Total $14.75