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Waterfall Photography with Kevin Adams instructional DVD $19.95
Waterfall Photography with Kevin Adams instructional DVD

If you like photographing waterfalls and cascades, you’re going to LOVE this DVD! In the more than 2 hours of running time, I take you into the field to show you my photographic approach to 8 different waterfalls and then bring you back to the office to show you how I process waterfalls. I also show you 40 waterfall images in a special “slide” show and explain my approach to photographing them. And, of course, since this is a video of me, the outtake section is full of DOH! moments you won’t want to miss.

As a nature lover, waterfalls have mesmerized me since childhood. As a photographer, I’ve spent some 30 years trying to capture this feeling in my waterfall images. I’m pleased to have you join me on part of this journey. I promise we’ll have a good time!

Some of the techniques covered in the video: 

  • Pushing yourself
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Filters
  • Shutter speeds
  • Sun stars
  • Shooting on sunny days
  • Shooting on overcast days
  • Using a tripod
  • Drying your boots
  • Shooting in waterfall spray
  • Shooting in the rain
  • Getting wet
  • Using ladders
  • Staying alive
  • Removing distractions
  • Using a toy water gun (seriously!)
  • Perspective distortion
  • Including people
  • Getting a model release
  • Using ropes
  • Post-processing waterfall photos
  • Keeping fish out of your pants 

Waterfall Photography with Kevin Adams is produced by Kilted Cupcake Productions, a partnership between me, Kevin Adams, and my friend and video production master, Suzan Chiacchio Brand.  

The following clips are from the Waterfall Photography with Kevin Adams DVD

Total $19.95