Night Time In Little Italy – New York City

While I was in New York last week for the Northeast Astro Imaging Conference and the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show, I was able to spend a couple of nights in the city photographing. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I visited some of my favorite haunts for shooting rather than spend time looking for new shots. Unfortunately, several of them—Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge entrance, Times Square—were under construction and unsuitable for photographing. Well, unsuitable for me, anyway. I’m sorry, but I just can’t shoot something that is covered up with orange traffic cones, construction barricades, and that is draped in tarps. And no cranes, either, thank you.

New York City at night

Mulberry Street in Little Italy, New York City. Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, f/16, 15 seconds, ISO 100. Stack of 5 photos to increase car light streaks.

Of course, no matter what’s going on, there’s always something good to shoot in New York. When the Manhattan Bridge entrance didn’t pan out for me, I walked over to one of my favorite streets in town. Mulberry Street is in the heart of Little Italy, which means its prime turf for pasta and red wine. Throw in great photo ops and you have my kind of place. I could live on the corner of Mulberry and Grand if the city would let me park the Tacoma Inn on the sidewalk.

One cool thing about Mulberry is that from a few points on it you can see the top of the Empire State Building. It makes a great backdrop to a street scene. I shot this image at the end of twilight on a partly cloudy evening. The 70mm focal length narrows the field of view and helps to emphasize the car streaks. I used an aperture of f/16 to give me decent depth of field and to create the starburst effect I the street light.

Ah, I can still smell the linguine vongole. Delizioso!

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2 Responses to “Night Time In Little Italy – New York City”

  1. eoliveira Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I am curious: Where did you positioned yourself in this photo? In the middle of the street with the cars passing by?

  2. Kevin Adams Says:

    I’m standing in front of a car that is parked in the street. My tripod is a about a foot away from the center of the street. Mulberry Street is so small and pakced with people that the cars have to drive very slow to get through, so it’s pretty safe to shoot from the street.

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