No, Cumberland Falls And Victoria Falls Are Not The Only Waterfalls Where You Can See Moonbows!

Just saw this article from Newser. Got it from a link on USA Today. Don’t know anything about Newser, but I have to say I’m disappointed in USDA Today for linking to garbage. Are there no fact checkers left?

So, the article claims that moonbows are reliably visible at only two places in the world: Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, and Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Moonbows are very common throughout the world. If you can see a rainbow (more accurately, a spraybow) at a waterfall, you can see a moonbow there. I’m not sure why these waterfalls are singled out. I know that Cumberland Falls is very easy to reach and the moonbow there is a well-known phenomenon. I suppose that many waterfalls featuring Moonbows are not likely to be visited at night and therefore aren’t as well known. The article does at least state that moonbows are seen elsewhere in the world, although it falsely claims that you can’t see them regularly.

This is an image of the moonbow I shot at Rainbow Falls on the Horsepasture River in North Carolina. For details about this photo shoot and more info about moonbows, check out this post.

Night Photo of Moonbow at Rainbow Falls on Horsepasture River

Moonbow at Rainbow Falls on Horsepasture Wild & Scenic River in Pisgah (formerly Nantahala) National Forest, North Carolina. The image was shot at night during a nearly full moon.

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