Twirling Fire & Whimsy

Just got back from my Night Photography in the Smokies Photo Tour, where I had a terrific weekend with an enthusiastic and talented group of photographers.

Here’s a shot by Latta Johnston of me doing a little steel-wool light painting for the group.

Steel wool light painting

This is me twirling burning steel wool for participants to photograph during the Night Photography in the Smokies Photo Tour. Photo is by Latta Johnston.

The light painting inspired another participant, Chuck Dayton, to pen the following limerick:

Kevin’s Smoky Digital Park
Is not just a shot in the dark.
Flinging fire in the streams,
An apparition in dreams.
His light triggers billions of sparks.

And Chuck’s whimsy, for some unknown reason, triggered me to pen this:

There once was a photographer named Kevin
Who while shooting at night was in heaven.
He stayed out all night,
Lack of sleep in despite,
And rarely made it home before seven.

Hmm. I think I’ll stick to twirling fire and taking pictures!

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