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This website is the realization of a long-time goal of providing a comprehensive source of information about North Carolina waterfalls. It has gone through several iterations and periods of inactivity for various reasons. But, finally, I have exactly what I’ve been wanting. It will take a while to fill it with all the content I have about North Carolina’s waterfalls, but I’m adding new regularly, so please keep checking back.

Scroll down the page to the News & Updates section. Every time I add or update content, it is reflected there.

You can find the waterfalls on this site in one of three ways under the “Find” tab. The Waterfalls Index is an alphabetical listing of all the waterfalls on the site. Waterfalls Map allows you to browse an interactive map for the waterfalls. The map shows all of the waterfalls that have full profiles, but doesn’t show all of the nearby falls. If you wish to find all of the waterfalls within a particular region of North Carolina, use the Find By Region feature.

Before you read the waterfall profiles, you should read Understanding Listings. Before you visit any waterfalls, you should read Staying Alive.

Please keep in mind that all content on this site is copyrighted. Please read the Copyright Notice at the bottom of the page for details about what constitutes acceptable use.

I’d like to invite you to check out the third edition of my North Carolina Waterfalls book and the second edition of my Waterfalls of North Carolina map. And if you want to see me in my element photographing waterfalls, please check out the Waterfall Photography With Kevin Adams DVD.

With the number of waterfalls in North Carolina, I couldn’t possibly keep up with all the changes and new discoveries. I would appreciate hearing from you with updates and news about the waterfalls. And if you find any of the inevitable mistakes I’ve made in the listings, please let me know.

Have fun and stay safe!

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