Grace Falls, Barbara Falls, Upper Shoals


A small waterfall is located 1.9 miles upstream from Catheys Creek Falls and 2.9 miles from Gloucester Gap. In The Land of Waterfalls, Jim Bob Tinsley seems to refer to this waterfall when he gives its original name as Upper Shoals and says the owner who purchased the property in 1973 renamed it Grace Falls in honor of his wife. A recent sign near the base calls it Barbara Falls. Although the waterfall is close to the road, you can’t see it through the dense vegetation, and the bank is steep and overgrown. Also, there’s nowhere to pull off the road to park. If you do scramble down, keep in mind that the opposite side of the creek is private property.

Glady Fork enters Catheys Creek not far downstream from the waterfall. A short distance upstream on Glady Fork is a two-section waterfall. The lower drop is a little less than 20 feet and the upper drop a little over 20 feet. Interestingly, a sign here calls it Grace Falls. Perhaps the Grace Falls that Tinsley refers to is this one and he just doesn’t mention it’s on Glady Fork rather than Catheys Creek, or perhaps he was misinformed about which of the two waterfalls was called Grace Falls. At any rate, the waterfall on Glady Fork is on private property and is inaccessible to the public.