Hornet Falls

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Democrat Creek flows into Whitewater River between Merge Lane Falls and Bedrock Falls. Less than a quarter mile upstream on the creek is a small waterfall among a tangle of downfall. There is no trail, but if you made it this far to Democrat Creek, you’ll have no trouble with the bushwhack up to the waterfall. You might find it easier to walk in the creek bed.

If you have time, it might be worth taking the side trip to Hornet Falls, but don’t let it keep you from experiencing the waterfalls on Whitewater River thoroughly. That’s going to be the highlight of your hike. Considering how long it takes to explore all the waterfalls on the Whitewater, you’ll want to think hard before making the side trip to Hornet Falls.

Mark Oleg discovered this waterfall in the fall of 2017 and chose the name after seeing a hornet nest at the waterfall. There are a few more waterfalls upstream on private property that are not accessible to the public.