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North Carolina Waterfall News & Updates

Updated the Grassy Creek Falls listing to indicate it is no longer open to the public.

Updated Waterfall Challenges Page.

Added Stephanie Leigh as a 100 NC Waterfalls Challenge completer

Added photos and updated hiking info for Bernies Falls.

Added trip reports from Chris Berrier, Doug Allen, and Mark Oleg.

Updated the GPS coordinates so they become live links to your default mapping app.

Added new trip reports from Doug Allen and Zachary Robins.

Added Amanda Paul as completer of the 100 North Carolina Waterfalls Challenge.

The GPS coordinates for Rock Slab Falls on page 387 of my book are incorrect. The correct coordinates are: N35.54373, W-83.50729 . Thanks to Richard Osborne for catching this error.

I fixed a numerical issue with the 250 Waterfall Challenge. This required me to revise the 500 Waterfall Challenge as well. If you downloaded these challenges prior to this date, please disregard them and download the revised copies from the North Carolina Waterfall Challenges page.