Photographing Waterfalls


When I got my first camera back in the mid-1980s, waterfalls were the first subjects I photographed. I’ve been shooting them ever since.

You might think taking pictures of waterfalls would be easy. After all, they are beautiful subjects, always there, always the same. Just show up and shoot, right? Of course, anyone who has spent much time with waterfalls knows that’s a huge wrong.

For something so beautiful that is always there, there are a surprising number of variables that come into play when photographing them. Season, time of day, water flow, fallen tree clutter, weather, and the all-important lighting are only some of the factors. If you don’t take all of these into consideration with every waterfall you visit, you are letting pure luck dictate your photography. As Pasteur said, luck favors the prepared mind.

I plan to make this page a comprehensive resource for waterfall photography. Please enjoy the info that’s here now, and please check back as I add more stuff. And if you want to see me in my element photographing waterfalls, please check out my Waterfall Photography with Kevin Adams DVD.

11 Tips For Making Beautiful Waterfall Photos


Wild Photo Adventures TV Shows

I’m honored to have been the guest photographer on six episodes on the award-winning TV show, Wild Photo Adventures with Doug Gardner. Four of these shows included waterfall photography. You can watch them all right here!





Miscellaneous Video Clips about Waterfall Photography