Plott Hound Falls

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Plott Hound Falls is located on an unnamed tributary of East Fork Campbell Creek, a short distance downstream from Campbell Creek Falls. It’s a high, cascading waterfall, dropping almost directly into EF Campbell. You can see the bottom portion easily from the base, but the upper portion is mostly hidden, even in winter. On both of my trips to Campbell Creek Falls, I was too tired to tackle climbing up along the Plott Hound Falls to investigate it thoroughly. It doesn’t look worthy of a lot of effort, but I’ve been fooled in situations like this before. See the Campbell Creel Falls listing for info about getting here.

The Plott Hound is North Carolina’s official state dog, named after the local Plott family whose ancestors emigrated from Germany, bringing the hounds with them. Several local features are named for the Plotts, including Plott Balsam and Plott Creek.