I’ll speak to anyone who has the nerve to listen. Camera clubs, civic groups, libraries, historical societies, business functions—everyone is fair game. I can give programs on a wide variety of topics, including photographic locations and technique, general nature and outdoor subjects, and outdoor recreation. Programs can be developed specifically to fit your needs.

Presentation fees vary according to the program length, venue, and if I have to create the program from scratch to fit your needs. Please contact me to discuss fees.

Below are the most popular programs I have. These are prepared and ready to go, or I can modify them as needed. I’ve written the program descriptions in the second person, so they are ready for use in publicity materials.

Each program description has a link to a zipped file that contains the program description, bios, mugs, and representative images. Event organizers are welcome to download this information to use for promoting the event. The photos are sized for the web or small print. If you need higher resolution, please contact me.


Car Light Streaks

What is there to shoot at night? Kevin Adams has heard this question many times, and his answer is always the same: The same things you shoot during the day and a whole lot more! Everything is fair game for the night photographer. And since night photography is still a relatively new frontier, you can make unique images of ordinary subjects—images that have a wow factor that you don’t often get with photos shot during the day. In this program, Kevin will cover a wide range of night photography subjects, in both nature and the city. You’ll learn techniques for light painting, including the night sky, using the magic light of twilight, and so much more. You’ll even learn how to use smoke bombs and underwater flashlights. But Kevin says you need to be forewarned. Once you learn all the exciting things you can do with your camera at night, you won’t be getting much sleep from that point forward.

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English Falls

With a subject as popular as waterfalls, you may wonder if there is anything new to talk about. Don’t worry, Kevin will have you photographing waterfalls in ways you’ve never imagined. And you won’t be putting your camera away once the sun goes down, as Kevin will introduce you to the unique world of nighttime waterfall photography. You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to waterfalls, but you haven’t even come close until you’ve seen Kevin’s program.

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Elk Falls


Silver Run Falls

With a subject as popular as waterfalls, you may wonder if there’s anything new to talk about. Stop wondering and watch Kevin’s program! He’ll have you photographing waterfalls in ways you never imagined. Of course, he’ll cover all the fundamental aspects of waterfall photography, but he’ll also dive deep into concepts and techniques that you might not have considered. Your waterfall images will never be the same after this program.

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North Harper Creek Falls


Silver Run Falls

There may be no truly new frontiers in photography, but night photography is about as close as you can get. And photographing waterfalls at night is among the newest frontiers of shooting after dark. Kevin has pioneered many techniques for shooting waterfalls at night. He’ll show you all of his “secrets” in this program. You may not have considered going out at night to photograph waterfalls, but after watching Kevin’s program, you won’t be getting much sleep from then on.

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White Owl Falls


Blue Ridge Parkway

Making great images consistently requires more than just knowing your camera and learning about your subjects. You have to train your mind and bring everything you have to the table. If you take a nonchalant attitude toward your photography, this program is not for you. But if you are truly ready to make that giant leap from the ordinary to the extraordinary, Kevin will provide you with a good foundation to work from. You need to be forewarned, though. Some of the things Kevin will tell you are things you might not want to hear. But it will be what you need to hear.

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Kevin Adams NC Then
Kevin Adams NC Now

In 2004, Kevin Adams visited libraries and historical societies all across North Carolina in search of historical photos to use for a then and now project. After viewing some 50,000 photos, Kevin settled upon about 750 and set out across the state to rephotograph the scenes. He ended up shooting about 130 of them and published them in the book North Carolina Then & Now. Whenever possible, Kevin made his rephotographs from the precise vantage point of the historical photographer, so the image pairs are an incredibly accurate depiction of the changes made. The fascinating collection contains photos from all corners of the state and even includes several aerials. Kevin says that when he started work on the project, he was not prepared for immensity of the work involved, nor for the education he would receive. He claims he learned more about the history of North Carolina in the two years of this project than in all his years of schooling beforehand. Join Kevin as he takes you on a journey with him to North Carolina, then and now.

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Kevin Adams claims he never met a piece of photo or outdoor gear that he didn’t take into his shop for improvement. He’s even been known to modify camera bodies before taking the first shot. And more often than not, he’s just as likely to make his gear from scratch. Join Kevin as he takes you a tour of some of his homemade camera and outdoor gear. He’ll also show you the modifications he made to his truck, which allows him to be self-sufficient for long periods in the wilderness. In this very useful and amusing presentation, you’ll see why Kevin is called “The MacGyver of Photography.”

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Kevin Adams Rainbreak


Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge at Night-New York City

For Kevin Adams, the city doesn’t come alive until after dark when all the lights come on. A boring scene during the day might be magical at night. Long exposures record light streaks from vehicles and pedestrians and storefronts provide endless possibilities for intimate shots. The twilight period adds a glow to wide-angle cityscapes as well as scenes that are closer in. Fog, rain, and snow can create otherworldly images at night in the city. And most urban night photography can be done without adding any additional lighting, although Kevin will cover techniques for using flash and a flashlight in the city. He’ll cover all the possibilities for urban night photography, using lenses from fisheye to 600mm.

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Flat Iron at Night-Wall Street-Asheville