The ultimate experience in personal guiding, image critiquing, and photo instruction!

Want a personal guide to unique photo locations? Want to go to places that typical photo tour groups are not able to visit because of their size? Would you like to spend a full day covering any topic you desire? How would you like me to come to your location? Maybe you’d like to get a couple of your friends together and plan your own photo tour. Or how would you like to spend a couple of hours in a one-on-one image critique session?

After nearly 30 years of photography experience, I can tell you without reservation that the best method for photographers to improve their skills is one-on-one consultation or fieldwork with a professional photographer whose advice they trust. For photo critiques, there is simply nothing better than showing your images in person and talking back and forth with the professional critiquing them. You benefit from the back-and-forth questions and answers, the conversational tone, and even the facial expressions—they all work together to give you the best idea of where you stand with your photography, while giving you suggestions for how to improve your photographic work. And for fieldwork or general photo consultation, what could be better than having your own dedicated professional photographer showing you the ropes?

Private Photography Instruction
Photography Lessons

With my Private Photo Instruction, anything is possible. And setting up an event is easy. Simply give me a call and we’ll work it out. For fieldwork, if you have a topic or location in mind, we’ll plan around that. If you’re not sure, I can offer suggestions for the best places and times based on your preferences. Image critiques and general consultation are normally held at my home in Waynesville, North Carolina, but I can come to you as well.

The fee is $750 per full day or $75 per hour, plus any applicable travel expenses. This is the total price, not the price per person, so if you get nine of your friends to join you, the cost for a full day would be only $75 per person. Travel expenses may include transportation, lodging, and dinner. These expenses do not apply for private instruction occurring at my home or close by. There is a three-hour minimum for instruction held at my home and a four-hour minimum if I come to you.

Here’s the best part: If you sign up for private instruction and you do not feel that I’ve given you solid helpful advice and that your time with me was worth every penny, you owe nothing! So, what do you have to lose?

The best way for you to improve your photography. Guaranteed!