I’m really glad you’re here. I work hard to make the shopping experience convenient and bug free. However, I don’t have the resources of the big guys. In fact, I’m the ONLY guy in the office. If your experience here is less than earth shattering, please tell me and I’ll work on it, but I ask for your patience and understanding.

Thanks again for visiting! And please let me know if I there’s anything I can do for you.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am out of the office until November 12. I will not be able to fulfill orders while I’m away. Please place your order and I will ship your stuff immediately upon my return. If you can’t wait, you can purchase my waterfall book, LensMuff, RainBreak, GelGrip, and waterfall map from Amazon. If you wish to sign up for a photo tour, please go ahead and register. I will have limited access to email while I’m away and will send you the photo tour package at some point. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Dismiss