April 14 – 23, 2023

LOCATION: Venice & Cinque Terre, Italy

LEADERS: Kevin Adams

LIMITED TO: 7 (Minimum 4)

SKILL LEVEL: All levels

PRICE: $4,285
(Double occupancy; single supplement $900)



Ah, two of my favorite places on Earth! Venice, the most romantic and remarkable city on Earth, and Cinque Terre, a captivating slice of the Italian Riviera with an irresistible draw to photographers.

I’ve had a fascination with Venice since childhood. The more I learn about and photograph the city, the more fascinating it becomes. Good photographs of Venice are not in short supply. In Venice, finding a good photo subject is a matter of opening your eyes. Of course, we will visit all the renowned hotspots, but I designed this tour to be different. I want to introduce you to new sights, imaginative ideas, and unique vantage points and to help you create distinctive images.

The five villages of Cinque Terre—Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore—offer incredible photo opportunities. Charming seems woefully inadequate to describe them. No public cars are allowed in the five villages, adding immeasurably to the appeal. Access between the villages is by train, ferry, or hiking trail. I’ve traveled a lot, including the Italian regions of Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, and Lake Como, but no place I’ve visited on Earth has captivated me quite like Cinque Terre. (Okay, Venice is up there. I mean, what can you say about a town with streets made of water?)

Traveling to Italy and between locations once you get there can be intimidating and confusing. You won’t have to worry about that on this photo tour. Once you arrive in Venice, I’ll handle everything. All you need to do is soak up the culture and make beautiful photographs.

Venetian mask


  • Photograph the classic scenic and cultural locations in Venice

  • Explore Venice’s hidden alleyways, dead-end streets, isolated canals, and areas with no tourists

  • Experience and photograph Venice at night, when the streets are empty and lights reflect on the cobblestones

  • Participate in the search for the best gelato in Venice

  • Photograph sunrise/sunset at various locations in the Cinque Terre villages

  • Special emphasis on photographing in the “blue hour,” when the Cinque Terre villages really come alive in photographs.

  • Experience the Italian rail system on the train trip from Venice to Cinque Terre, between the villages of CT, and from CT to Milan

  • Participate in a scientific survey to determine if the gelato in Cinque Terre is as good, or better, than in Venice


  • Guiding and hands-on instruction

  • 9 nights lodging (double occupancy) beginning April 14

  • Breakfast

  • Boat transportation in Venice

  • Train transportation between Venice and Cinque Terre, among the village of CT, and between CT and Milan (First Class tickets where available)

  • All admissions to museums, churches, campaniles, and other sights visited with the group

  • Passes for the hiking trails in Cinque Terre


  • Airfare

  • Boat, bus, or train transport from the Venice airport to the city (we will help make arrangements for you)

  • Lunches and dinners

  • Items of a personal nature


This adventure will be rewarding for everyone, regardless of your photographic skills.



I rarely establish a precise itinerary ahead of time for photo tours because I want to choose locations and subjects based on the weather and other conditions. I’ll determine our strategy as we go along, making sure to photograph in the best light and weather. Special emphasis will be given to photographing in the twilight period of dusk and dawn, as well as night photography.

Here is a general outline:

The photo tour officially begins in Venice during late afternoon, April 14.  After orientation, we will have dinner together as a group and then photograph in the twilight period into the night. The next day will be the first of four full days in Venice. In addition to the main city of Venice, we will spend plenty of time on the island of Burano, possibly taking the early boat and getting there for sunrise. One of the four days will be a free day, during which participants can do whatever they like on their own, or they can get together with other participants.

On Wednesday, April 19, we will travel on the train from Venice to Cinque Terre. The next day will be the first of two full days in Cinque Terre. We will visit the five villages at all times of the day and night.

On Saturday, April 27, we will take the train to Milan and spend our final night. The next day you will depart for the U.S.

Why are departing from Milan instead of making this a round-trip and returning home from Venice?

If we go back to Venice, it will be much more problematic and costly to spend the night and arrange transportation to the airport the next morning. In Milan, we will be staying very near the airport and having dinner at a marvelous Italian restaurant for our final meal. In the morning, we will take the hotel shuttle for a 5-minute ride to the airport.

Custom Itineraries

Some participants on our Venice and Cinque Terre Photo Tours arrive early to Venice or stay late in Cinque Terre, and some visit other areas in Italy or Europe during their trip. We will help you make arrangements that work with your plans.


Venice and Cinque Terre are made for walkers. No cars are allowed in Venice and very few are allowed in Cinque Terre. Venice is relatively small and totally flat, but you will get a workout. There are lots of steps to climb to get over the canals and everything is paved in stone. If you are not used to being on your feet all day, Venice can wear you out. The villages of Cinque Terre are very small, but nearly every step you make will be either up or down. We will not hike any of the most difficult trails between the villages, but we will be walking short distances on some of them.

That said, this photo tour is NOT designed to be like military boot camp. We will try to make our outings as easy as possible and we will pace ourselves throughout. However, you should make an honest assessment of your physical abilities. While most anyone could easily handle a few days on this photo tour, remember that we will be going strong for eight straight days).

The good news is that it won’t be too hot during this photo tour. Also, if you become too tired to continue, it will be a relatively short walk, boat trip, or train trip back to the hotel. Everyone has the option to skip any of the group outings.



Nine nights lodging is included, beginning April 14. This is for double occupancy. Single occupancy is extra. If you arrive early or stay late, you will need to pay for those nights. We will be happy to make those arrangements for you at our host hotels. The photo tour begins officially on the afternoon of the 14th. You should be able to get a flight from the U.S. that arrives on the 14th before the tour begins. However, you may wish to arrive the day before to be safe and to get settled before we begin. We can make hotel reservations for you, but you will need to pay for this extra night.

Airfare and transport from the airport into Venice is not included. You will fly into the Venice airport (VCE). Flights departing from the U.S. generally leave the mainland in the evening and arrive in Venice the following day. Your registration material will include detailed info about how to get from the airport into the city.

Once you arrive in Venice, all lodging and transportation (boat and train) is included in the registration.


A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your space. The balance is due 90 days from the start of the photo tour (January 14), including any extra room nights or single-occupancy charges. You can pay the deposit using our online registration system. The balance is due by check or bank transfer. You can register online by clicking the “Register Now” buttons on this page. Payment plans are available.